Engage, Connect, Grow

Online Program | taught by Aaron Solly

Course description

Welcome to the Engage, Connect, Grow online course.  

This course is for individuals and teams who are burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed or needing a new way to tackle their challenges.   

You may have gotten in your career with a passion for other people only to find you now are resenting your clients.  You may be lacking motivation and energy to go above and beyond like you used to. You have be getting frustrated more than enjoying your work. 

This course gives students an opportunity to get real about what is going on, take responsibility and learn new ways to advance forward.  

Your passion to help others is so needed in your organization, community, country and the world. 

It is time to gain the knowledge to keep that passion alive and achieve your goals. 

The course includes:

*52 video lessons based on the Amazon best selling book, "Engage, Connect, Grow" by Aaron Solly

*A ebook copy of the book, "Engage, Connect, Grow" by Aaron Solly

*All the exercises from the book

*Bonus articles to help you improve yourself

*Unlimited access to the online course

*A 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied 

Aaron Solly
Aaron Solly
Best Selling Author, Counsellor. Life Coach

My passion is to help people improve their mental state so they can connect to the heart of what truly matters to them.  

As a teenager and young adult, I silently struggled with low self-esteem and depression. 

I was focused on my struggle instead of seeing things differently. 

I remember a therapist explaining to me that depression can be viewed as anger turned inward. 

I had spent the majority of my life avoiding anger and other feelings.  My fear of public speaking, fear of failure, even fear of success!

Through my company, Engage Coaching Group, I am able to bring my passion to others.  I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, an author, a coach, and a teacher. I have over fifteen years of combined business development experience in the financial services and technology industries. My Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology is from Clearmind International Institute, and my Bachelor of Business Administration is from Simon Fraser University with a major in Human Resource Management. I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada.

These days, my life is all about teaching and guiding others. I strive to show them how to grow through becoming more engaged and connected to themselves.

Course Curriculum

Lesson #6 - What is holding you back?
Lesson #14 - Release your negative thoughts
Lesson #20 - When you feel like you
Lesson #21 - Review lessons 1 to 20
Lesson #29 - Your spiritual practice
Lesson #31 - Your friends & family
Lesson #34 - Connect with yourself
Lesson #35 - Your response to connection
Lesson #37 - Review Lessons 22 to 36
Lesson #38 - Access your creativity
Lesson #40 - Continue your affirmations
Lesson #41 - Your meditation practice
Lesson #42 - Embrace your feelings
Lesson #45 - Your physical activity
Lesson #51 - Taking action in your life
Lesson #52 - Review Lessons 38 to 51