Course Description

Are you struggling with not knowing who you truly are?

Does your life feel like it is on autopilot and you have no control where you are headed? 

Engage in YOU Online Course

This online course is focused on using journaling to become fully engaged in who you truly are. The creativity, joyful, compassionate, generous and driven YOU.  It is the initial 21 lessons from the Amazon best selling book, “Engage, Connect, Grow” by Aaron Solly. 

This course includes:

  • 21 video lessons with exercises
  • A ebook copy of “Engage, Connect, Grow” by Aaron Solly
  • 1 year access

By the end of this course, you will have learned the following:

  • A clear method of setting an intention or goal
  • A greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings, judgements, worries and fears
  • A new perspective of your life story
  • A greater understanding of your mental health

It is time to invest in you and bring who you truly are for us all to experience.

Continue on your journey to being your truth self, register for this course today.

Mental Wellness Coach, Teacher, Author

Aaron Solly

Welcome to this course.  Congratulations on taking the step to invest in yourself. I have suffered from depression for many years of my life.  It impacted my performance at work, my health, my relationships and my ability to pursue my passions.My passion is to help people improve their mental state so they can connect to the heart of what truly matters to them.  I am a best selling author, coach and counsellor.I have worked in the corporate world in technology, financial services, and payroll services.   You may be feeling stuck right now.You may be overwhelmed by what is happening around you.You may be stressed and anxious about what is expected of you at work. You may be unhappy and unfulfilled in your life.This course can help you start working on the most important person in your life, You!You are important. You are matter. You deserve to life a happy and fulfilling life.  All it takes is you making a choice to engage in your life. Become an active participant and take control of what you want to experience in your life. Journalling is a powerful tool that helped me reconnect to my true self. This course is an introduction to help you improve your life, work, relationships etc. and uses journalling exercises to help students gain more awareness of their current situation. 

Course curriculum

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