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Mental Wellness Coach, Teacher, Author

Aaron Solly

Aaron Solly is a banker turned mental wellness coach, best selling Amazon author, adult educator, father of two amazing boys and husband. At 37 years old, he found himself overwhelmed and in a deep depression in the basement of the townhouse he owned at the time. He was working in the financial services industry feeling stressed out and not happy with his career. His first marriage was failing. His first son was 2 years old. His world felt like it was falling apart all around him. On that day, he decided to shift his perspective from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is this for?” In 2017, he founded Engage Coaching Group. An organization with a mission to enrich and support 1 million sales and service professionals with mastering how to thrive within their personal, professional and family life. He uses a 3 step process to guide his clients out of their stress, depression and anxiety to a life full of purpose, connection and long lasting change.

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